Introduction to our Program

The Center for Multidisciplinary Education (CIME) was founded to provide guided and structured opportunities to work and learn in two of three Central American countries, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. The goal is to contribute to others within a context of compassion, solidarity and respect through participation in community service projects. Our main objective is to challenge and inspire each student by providing an academically stimulating environment, enhanced by the use of a new language, and an opportunity to contribute to the welfare of others. Additionally, through this unique learning opportunity each participant has the chance to maximize his or her individual goals and possibilities, taking away valuable experience and a bit more knowledge of the world we all inhabit.  This is all accomplished within the context of giving something away, namely the student’s time, dedication and the skills each may have or discover to motivate and help others in some meaningful way. CIME works in coordination with over 75 different organizations in three countries.  Structured internship opportunities abound in diverse fields of study and service.  The work settings are chosen to fulfill each participant’s particular needs. Sites are well supervised and always screened to ensure the safest possible environment for living and working.

Our Internship opportunities include but are not limited to the following areas:  Women’s issues, peace studies, public health, medicine, alternative medicine, physical therapy, conservation, education, human rights, journalism, community development, environmental studies, organic agriculture, fair trade, micro- finance, cooperatives, unions, agro forestry research, gender issues, social work, anthropology, food security, ecotourism, and animal welfare.

"We have opened the doors of Cime and Casa Tica with the hope to inspire others, and to make our world a better place".

Ana María Méndez (Director of Cime) is Costa Rican. As an Attorney at Law,has an extensive experience with International Organizations, and in the area of Human Rights. During the last 10 years, she has been living and working in Guatemala. She believes in Social Justice as a philosophy to help to empower women, and to help and support the oppressed and misunderstood members of the society.

Cime and Casa Tica Personnel:
Ana Maria Mendez, Attorney at Law, Director
Dr. Ronald Evans, Academic Advisor
Dr. Sam Pack, Professor of Anthropology, Academic Advisor
Hannia Villalobos, Academic Advisor for the Social Work Program
Jose Martinez: Internship Coordinator
Helda George, Spanish Instructor
Gabriela Collado, Spanish Instructor
Johnny Bermudez, Spanish Instructor
Karina Soto, Spanish Instructor
Donald Villalobos: Natural Sciences Program Coordinator
Laura Leandro: Home stay Family Coordinator.
Denni Picon: Program Assistant.
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