For the Gap Year programs, the dates are open and flexible. Students may arrange to begin the program at any time but should try to begin on the first day of the month they choose.

Additionally, the staff at CIME can plan, coordinate and facilitate individualized programs that fall within our internship areas, in both Costa Rica and Nicaragua.   We can accommodate both small and large groups.

We have the resources and contacts necessary to create affordable specialized programs in many fields including but not limited to, diverse types of health care, teaching opportunities (including special needs education), environmental programs, as well as many others.


Evaluation and Credit

Any student who wishes to receive academic credit for work completed at CIME must consult with the appropriate administrative office at his/her university. Academic credit is not granted by CIME but rather by the participant’s home school.

Upon request, students will receive a certificate of participation detailing the number of classroom hours completed and an overall written performance evaluation of the internship work.


2019 Season

From January 7 to March 15.

From Frebruary 4 to April 12.

From June 3 to August 9.

From September 2 to November 8.


2020 Season

From Monday January 6 to Friday March 13.

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From Monday Frebruary 3 to Friday April 10.

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From Monday June 1 to Friday August 7.

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From September 7 to Friday November 13.

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