CIME is located only a few minutes by bus from downtown San José, and is close to the campus of the University of Costa Rica. The local area is quiet and residential; however, its proximity to the University makes a variety of restaurants and bookstores easily accessible.  A main railway terminal is also located in close proximity.

CIME’s students come from all over the world.  What they have in common is a shared sensitivity to the myriad of problems facing Central America and a desire to learn more about the region and its peoples through language training and experimental learning. All the instructors are highly qualified native speakers with years of teaching experience, who instill fun and creativity. There are many opportunities for community based projects for those students who are not participating in an international internship, but rather are at CIME at attend Spanish classes at Casa Tica. The contribution that each student can make to the community is limited only by individual schedules and desires.

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